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The trading and distribution markets have been on a continuously changing trajectory over the last few years, which created a dynamic environment that led to the appearance of a series of game-changing trends, each with its own challenges:


  • The wide development of e-commerce allowed customers around the world to become more and more comfortable with online purchases, which generated an increased pressure at the level of distributors that need to expand their e-commerce presence in a fast and efficient way. In the absence of a seamless purchasing experience, few distribution organizations are able to keep up with their tech-oriented competitors. Nowadays, distributors are required to enhance their collaboration capabilities, while also providing real-time ordering, real-time inventory management and optimized shipping schedules.
  • Centralized inventory repositories are a necessary tool in meeting the requirements of varied sales channels, including e-commerce and brick and mortar. A distribution organization cannot be fully optimized without such a system as it will always fall to unorganized inventory management and longer shipping timelines.
  • Mobile adoption in day to day operations has already become a norm. Warehouse managers are always on the move and expect to be able to use their mobile devices for accessing data on the go.
  • Although the requirement for compliancy with traceability rules can be seen as a challenge, it is also one of the biggest opportunities for the industry. Data collected through the supply chain provides valuable business insights in regards to consumer trends and areas for improvement.

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