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Tableau assists organizations into unleashing the power of their most valuable resources: data and people. By using Tableau, people can see and understand their data.

Industry fit: Suitable to any industry.

No. of estimated customers: Over 30,000 customers.

Type of business: From personal to professional use; small to large organizations; different products available per types of users.

Key benefits of Tableau:

  • Data analysis performed fast and easy, beautiful and useful; Tableau is designed as a BI solution for anyone and everyone;
  • Built with VizQL query language - natively visual, naturally faster;
  • Live Query Engine that allows users to natively query various data sources without any coding or advanced development; a point-and-click interface accessible to anyone;
  • In-Memory Data Engine – blazing speed that overcomes the limitations of current databases and data silos; it puts big data and fast analysis power into everyone’s hands;
  • Extract massive data from Tableau for limitless exploration in seconds;
  • Share visualizations and underlying data in a secure environment using Tableau Server or Tableau Online;
  • Always innovating; frequent releases of new features and upgrades; focus on R&D investments.

Features of Tableau:

  • Tableau Desktop answers questions at the speed of thought:
    • Fast actionable insights with visual analytics that fuel unlimited data exploration; interactive dashboards used to enhance users’ ability to spot visual patterns quickly and reveal opportunities and eureka moments on a daily basis;
    • Connect to various data sources (big data, SQL database, spreadsheets, cloud apps like Google Analytics or Salesforce); access and combine disparate data without coding; pivot, split and manage metadata to optimize data sources;
    • Answer deeper questions: build powerful calculations from data, drag-and-drop reference lines and forecasts, review statistical summaries, trend analysis, regressions, correlations, ask additional questions, spot trends, uncover opportunities, make data-driven decisions;
    • Map data: automated interactive maps, built-in postal codes, custom geocodes and territories for personalized regions;
    • Let everyone in on it: create compelling narrative that empowers people and be part of a data collaboration culture by extending the impact of isolated insights.
  • Tableau Server: self-service analytics at scale:
    • Multiply the potential of data by creating a trusted and secure environment;
    • Enhanced connectivity with Cloudera, Hadoop, Oracle, AWS Redshift, Teradata, Microsoft SQL Server, cubes, etc.; web data connector and APIs that give access to hundreds more data sources;
    • Responsible usage of data: create the right combination of user flexibility and control;
    • Seamlessly integrated with existing security protocols;
    • Powerful monitoring and management.

  • On-premise and in the cloud through AWS, Azure or Google Cloud Platform.

  • Browser, tablet or smart phone; designed for a mobile-first world – Tableau’s Device designer assists users in designing, customizing and publishing optimized dashboards for all devices.

  • 50+ countries supported by the Tableau Desktop Maps feature; no other known country limitations.

  • Unicode-enabled and compatible with data stored in any language. Tableau’s interface is in English, French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese (Simplified).



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