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Salesforce was founded in 1999. Along the years, the company pioneered the revolutionary idea of transforming the CRM software from a traditional desktop approach to a cloud CRM, accessible anytime and from anywhere. Nowadays, Salesforce is also among the few companies to offer Artificial Intelligence solutions. The Einstein AI tool is continuously analyzing historical data in order to get smarter, to increase the productivity of its users and to provide the ideal environment for happier customers.

Industry fit: Companies across any industry can benefit from using Salesforce.

No. of estimated customers: More than 150,000 companies around the world use Salesforce. The company’s customers report 32% higher sales productivity, 26% increase in their win rate and 25% more pipeline.

Type of business: Any business size from sole proprietorships to global enterprises.

Key benefits of Salesforce:

  • Fosters a 1-on-1 customer interaction through social, mobile and other channels;
  • A complete suite of CRM software applications from managing sales leads to solving support tickets, and from marketing to website analytics;
  • Suitable for a wide range of roles: sales professionals, sales leaders, sales operations, marketing leaders, IT professionals or service professionals;
  • Highly scalable: depending on the specific requirements and size of each organization, Salesforce offers four possible options for deployment: SalesforceIQ CRM Starter (suitable for up to 5 users), Lightning Professional (complete CRM software for any size team), Lightning Enterprise (the most popular one, a deeply customizable sales CRM) and Lightning Unlimited (unlimited cloud CRM power and support);
  • Free trial available;
  • Seamlessly integrated with familiar email solutions (e.g. Outlook) and with multiple apps, including Wave App for Sales, which is an end-to-end analytics app;
  • Access to an extensive community.

Features of Salesforce:

  • Salesforce Einstein AI: a data scientist at work; discovers insights, predicts outcomes, recommends best next steps and automates tasks;
  • Contact Management: a complete view of customers (activity history, key contacts, internal account discussions, customer communications, social media integration);
  • Opportunity Management: deals information (stage, products, competition, quotes, etc.);
  • Salesforce Inbox: Relationship Intelligence at its best, right from the email account;
  • Salesforce Engage: personalized sales campaigns designed by marketing, prospects engagement statistics, real-time sales alerts;
  • Sales Collaboration: social collaboration network designed for business; tracking deals, finding experts, competitive information and other resources;
  • Lead Management: leads tracking from click to close, optimized campaigns;
  • Marketing Automation: with Pardot Marketing Automation;
  • Sales Data: with; plan territories, increase sales and marketing productivity;
  • Partner Management: Access to a Partner Community;
  • Accelerate Productivity: Lightning Voice (one-click customers calling, taking notes in real-time, taking inbound calls); mobile access; Visual Workflow; Inside Sales Console; file sync and share;
  • Reports and Dashboards: real-time view of the business at a glance;
  • Sales Forecasting: in-line editing, multicurrency support, override visibility, etc.;
  • Territory Management: create multiple models, preview option before rollout, continuous optimization and balancing.

Cloud CRM, software-as-a-service (SaaS) model.

Desktop and any mobile devices.

No known restrictions.

Three levels of support: 18 fully supported languages, 17 end-user languages and 79 platform-only languages.



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