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Ramco HCM is a global talent management tool that combines the innovative approaches of today’s changing work environment, such as intuitive, engaging and contextual requirements, gamification and the integration of collaborative tools. Similarly to other Ramco products, the HCM suite revolves around the company’s concept of ‘MUSIC’: Mobility, Usability, Social, In-Memory and Context Aware. Customers can select from a varied set of HR software capabilities, including recruitment and on-boarding, payroll, training, performance management and e-learning.

Industry fit: No known industry restrictions; dedicated solutions proposed for retail, manufacturing, services, aviation and banking and financial services.

No. of estimated customers: 300+ customers around the world.

Type of business: All business sizes; ideal for businesses with a globally distributed workforce, having set-ups formed by multiple small offices across different locations.

Key benefits of Ramco HCM:

  • Ramco HCM provides an integrated HR software experience;
  • Intuitive user interface with seamless navigation, minimal clicks and quick action;
  • Highly scalable: organizations can implement it process by process or subscribe to it fully;
  • In-Memory processing technology (Ramco Minnal) – all actions are processed in memory, in parallel, at drastically high speeds;
  • Integrated with other legacy applications, third party social media, accounting and jamming tools;
  • Access to an Android app that is strategically located at various points within the organization for capturing employees’ engagement (Ramco Empsense).

Features of Ramco HCM:

  • Core HR software: employee records (more than 450 discrete data fields), employee movements (transfers, promotions, deputations), travel and expenses, competency maps, time management, assignment of multiple employees, recruitment and training;
  • Time and Attendance: record time through the employee self-service or through a NFC and GPS based system accessible from a smartphone that becomes a kiosk, leave management;
  • Payroll: create rules for streamlined processing, define the business logic for all components (earnings, deductions, bonus, leave and attendance, arrears, taxes, statutory requirements), global payroll capabilities (multi-element, multi-currency, multi-decimal, multi-country), benefits management, travel, medical benefits, annual leave and other types of reimbursements management, employee self-service;
  • Talent Management: performance and development management (objectives-based assessment, 360 degree appraisals, potential appraisals), employee tagging and talent pool (customizable tags by geography, industry, business lines, priorities), The 9 Box chart (compares the actual performance level with the employee’s potential), behavioral model, perspective model, talent score card, employee development, competency model (by knowledge, skills and attributes), training administration, rewards system;
  • Recruitment: capture staffing requirements, collaboration with recruitment agencies, potential candidates management, schedule interviews, rate and select applicants, offer job, onboarding process;
  • Planning and Analytics: modules around workforce planning, career planning and succession planning.

  • Multi-tenant cloud HR software or deployed as a managed service.

  • Accessible anytime and from anywhere (desktop, smartphone or tablet); native support for iPhone and iPad, mobile web support for all devices using HTML5.

  • 35+ countries across Asia Pacific, Australia, New Zealand, India, Middle East, Africa, Europe, Americas (expanding rapidly) and a total of 70 countries covered through local partners.

  • Employee self-service available in English, Mandarin, Arabic, French and Spanish.



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