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PropertyBase is a Marketing and CRM software, specifically designed for real estate professionals, regardless of whether they work with one property type or multiple types. The solution is built on and empowered by, the SaaS platform from Salesforce. PropertyBase can be deployed in two versions: Company and Enterprise.

Industry fit: Real Estate; residential real estate professionals (active agents, brokers and administrators benefit from a complete back office to front office solution), commercial real estate brokerage (useful for lease tracking, mobile access to portfolio, complex ownership and distribution management), real estate developers and project marketers (for routing leads to multiple sites, reporting on sales and marketing to leads).

No. of estimated customers: Used in more than 1,000 offices located in 57 countries. The current reach of PropertyBase includes 186 portals and 5 million managed listing.

Type of business: Small and medium sized real estate organizations (standard products start from 2 and 10 users minimum); suitable also for large enterprises.

Key benefits of PropertyBase:

  • Cloud CRM software built from ground up for the real estate market;
  • Provides a 360° overview on all client related activities, which allows real estate professionals to always be one step ahead;
  • Highly adaptable as it can accommodate customers that belong to any real estate vertical or a combination of verticals;
  • Customizable in terms of fields, page layouts, user roles and access rights, workflows and templates;
  • Linked with over 180 real estate portals where listings are easily pushed for a maximum visibility;
  • CRM software seamlessly integrated with MLS providers;
  • 99.9% uptime running on;
  • Free trial for 14 days.

Features of PropertyBase:

  • Reach: personalized and targeted email campaigns with the help of smart target lists, template library, fully branded communication, easy Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) and Fact Sheets;
  • Front Desk: centralized view of lead notification emails into PropertyBase through a machine-read capability, integrated with favorite lead sources (e.g. website, real estate portals, Facebook Lead Ads), automatic alerts for the hottest leads;
  • Listings and Inventory: management of listings, availabilities, comparables, stacking plans, trends; ability to fully automate lead capturing on the company’s website, advanced listing search, media file management;
  • Process and Automation: custom workflows creation (from back-office processes to client interactions), intelligent notifications and alerts system, up-to-date activity reports, triggering system for personalized messages, activities and field updates considering specific events that take place in the database;
  • Clients and Activities: optimized leads answering process, activity-based reports, information-sharing options, sticky notes and attachments only visible to the author, de-duplication capabilities;
  • Deals and Transactions: structured closings, built-in document management, best-practice templates or custom action plans, forms and electronic signature integration (DocuSign), customized individual commission calculation logic;
  • Big Data and Analytics: real time dashboards (operational, financial, marketing), visual point-and-click report builder, motivational dashboards.

  • Cloud CRM, nothing to install or update.

  • PCs, Macs, all major browsers, native on iPhone, BB, Android.

  • Customers present in 57 countries.

  • Multi-language capability, including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Simplified Chinese.



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