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Microsoft Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools that transform data into rich visuals. The dashboards provided by Power BI create a 360-degree view of the organization, showcasing the most important metrics in one place and real time. The products of Microsoft Power BI include Power BI Desktop (a feature-rich data mashup and also a report authoring tool), Power BI Service (report publisher), Power BI Mobile and Power BI Embedded.

Industry fit: Suitable for a varied range of industries and functions, including Retail, Insurance, Airline, Manufacturing, Professional Services, Consumer Packaged Goods, Telecommunications, Energy, Public Sector and Capital Markets.

No. of estimated customers: Shaped by Microsoft’s 500,000 unique users from 45,000 companies located around the globe; as of March 2016, Power BI had over 5 million subscribers.

Type of business: Any business sizes.

Key benefits of Microsoft Power BI:

  • Seamlessly connected to popular business applications and data sources through Power BI gateways (SQL Server databases for on-premise deployment, Azure Analysis Services in the cloud). The connected data sources/apps include Acumatica, comScore, Adobe Analytics, appFigures, Azure Audit Logs, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Azure Mobile Engagement, Circuit ID, Github, Google Analytics, MailChimp, Salesforce, etc.
  • Available in three separate national clouds (US, Germany, China), offering an enhanced compliancy with local regulations on service delivery, access, control and data residency;
  • Access to pre-built dashboards and a natural language interface; Power BI allows users to ask questions about their data – visualizations appear and are successively refined as the question is being typed.

Features of Microsoft Power BI:

  • Microsoft Power BI Desktop: intuitive report authoring, drag-and-drop capabilities, flexible and fluid canvas, patterns discovery, unified view of linked, interactive visualizations:
    • Transform and clean data: data shaping and modeling capabilities;
    • Complete analytics life-cycle: elegant end-to-end tool for building analytics; connect, shape, visualize and share data insights;
    • Design once, view anywhere: easy publishing and sharing of beautiful interactive reports.
  • Microsoft Power BI Mobile:
    • Visualize: personalized dashboards and reports accessible anywhere; easy interaction with data through a touch-optimized experience with the Power BI native apps;
    • Always be in the know: data-driven alerts for staying up-to-date; discover meaningful insights and act on them instantly;
    • Share discoveries with the team: share live reports and dashboards, data storytelling for engaging with customers and peers.
  • Power BI Embedded: data is brought to life inside existing apps:
    • Easily author interactive reports without coding through Power BI Desktop;
    • Use modern data visualizations (out-of-the-box or customized);
    • Embed interactive visuals in the app with REST APIs and Power BI SDK;
    • Consistent high fidelity data visualization experiences on all devices;
    • Maintain current authentication and authorization methods;
    • No need to spend time and resources on redesigning the current app;
    • No upfront costs; pay only for what is being used.

  • On-premise or in the cloud

  • Available on all devices (Windows, iOS, and Android)

  • Worldwide coverage

  • 42 languages



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