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Jaspersoft provides actionable data inside customers’ apps and business processes through an embedded reporting and analytics platform, which empower millions of people to take faster decisions on a daily basis. Unlike traditional business intelligence tools, Jaspersoft operates with a self-serve approach, allowing users to get the information they need inside their preferred app or device.

Industry fit: No known industry restrictions, serving customers across all industries.

No. of estimated customers: Chosen as the intelligence inside product by over 130,000 apps worldwide; over 175,000 production deployments across all industries; 1,000+ Cloud and SaaS applications already powered by Jaspersoft.

Type of business: Suitable to all businesses from startups to Fortune 500 companies; ideal for commercial software applications, SaaS or cloud applications, custom internally built applications and big data applications.

Key benefits of Jaspersoft:

  • Scaling both architecturally and economically in order to reach everyone – this capability sets apart Jaspersoft from the majority of desktop visualization tools;
  • The main benefits of using embedded BI include the reduction of custom development for reporting and analytics, a higher usability of the app through data visualizations and reports, a competitive advantage considering the more advanced embedded analytics when compared to the competition, and a better insight into the app’s data;
  • In-memory analysis that looks at relational and non-relational data using interactive functions for leveraging an in-memory engine that generates a rapid speed-of-though response time;
  • Directly integrated with Hadoop, MongoDB, Cassandra and others;
  • Vibrant community composed of more than 400,000 developers.

Features of Jaspersoft:

  • Embedded Business Intelligence:
    • Interactive Reports: on-the-fly sorting, filtering, columns values and headers formatting;
    • Embedded Dashboards and Mashboards: a suite of interactive reports, charts and external web content in a single screen;
    • Data Exploration: highly interactive browser-based solution that summarizes and explores data from relational, OLAP or Big Data sources;
    • OLAP Analysis of Large Relational Data: powerful analytical queries, intuitive and interactive user interface that provides pivoting, filtering, drilling;
    • Data Virtualization: analysis and reporting across disparate sources can be performed without ETL or Data Warehouses by integrating multiple data sources into a single metadata view;
    • Data Integration: central data repository;
    • Mobile Ready Reports and Dashboards: iPhone and Android devices;
    • Multi-Tenant BI: separate tenants for SaaS-based applications using a single Jaspersoft environment; users, roles, reports and permissions are all quickly isolated;
    • JavaScript API with Visualize.js: powerful BI services using programmatic REST interfaces and Visualize.js.
  • Enterprise Reporting: generate print ready, interface reports and dashboards that users can utilize and interact with later on (inside or outside their organization using filtering, formatting, sorting, searching and restructuring capabilities); reduce report backlog through personalized interactivity, integrate the tool within a web application, accommodate complex report requirements.
  • Deployment options: Cloud-based (available on the Amazon Web Services Marketplace) or locally deployed in a matter of weeks.

  • Desktop and any mobile device

  • Desktop and any mobile device

  • No known country restrictions

  • English, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish.



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