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Bitrix24 is the flagship product developed by Bitrix, Inc. and launched in 2012. Bitrix24 is a comprehensive collaboration platform, providing social collaboration, communication and management tools, such as CRM, project management, calendars, file sharing and others. Bitrix24’s CRM software provides free sales automation and sales team management capabilities. Besides its traditional features, Bitrix24 can also create email marketing campaigns, distribute leads in an automated process, create custom workflows, collaborate and many more.

Industry fit: No industry limitations, suitable for a varied range of industries.

No. of estimated customers: Over 3.5 million users from 2 million organizations worldwide are currently using the Bitrix24.

Type of business: Any organization size; micro and small companies are advised to start with the free version and scale up as needed. The Standard version is proposed for companies that employ more than 12 people and require a united platform for file sharing and team work. A Professional version is also available, which is also the most comprehensive.

Key benefits of Bitrix24:

  • A free version available, including unlimited users, 5 GB of online storage and 35+ work tools;
  • Extensive network of partners (over 12,000 worldwide);
  • Easy to install, it runs on all popular servers; the partners of Bitrix24 can also assist with hosting, deployment, administration and training;
  • Free weekly webinars;
  • Community forum available for assistance;
  • App Marketplace from where users can add new functions and features to their Bitrix24 Intranet.

Features of Bitrix24 CRM:

  • CRM Activity Stream: interactive update feed, smart following; can be personalized by each user; contacts management, automated events logging (calls, messages, emails, meetings), integrated tasks and workflows;
  • Customizable Access Rights: assign specific access rights by roles, leads assignment, data visibility based on rights;
  • Leads Management: manually introduced leads, imported from CSV files or created through external platforms (e.g. web forms, incoming emails), customizable fields;
  • Customizable CRM Reports: full sales cycle management with the possibility to create customer sales stages that are unique to each company; built-in analytics tools (e.g. sales funnel, target audience segmentation, campaign effectiveness, lead sources evaluation), custom reports;
  • Quotes and Invoices: created directly from Bitrix24; customization options available (logo, comments); availability of local sales taxes, being also a VAT compliant software; multi-currency and multi-language;
  • Call Center and free Mobile CRM: mobile Intranet, Enterprise Messaging, telephony, access to files, tasks and calendars, phone call recording;
  • Collaborative CRM: Enterprise social network, videoconferencing and video calls, workgroups.

Features of Bitrix24 HRIS:

  • Centralized Searchable Employee Directory;
  • Company Structure/Organizational Chart;
  • News and Announcements;
  • Time Management;
  • Leave/Time Off Management;
  • Calendars;
  • Knowledge Management;
  • Employee Engagement;
  • Documents Management;
  • HR Forms and Records Management;
  • Recruiting;
  • Employee Self-Service;
  • Flexible Work Force.

  • On premise (self-hosted version, ideal for companies that have between 50 and 5,000 employees) or cloud CRM and HRIS deployment (free for up to 12 users).

  • Desktop, iPhone, iPad or Android.

  • Deployed globally through local partners.

  • Multi-language CRM software, including English, Russian, German, Spanish, Chinese or Portuguese. Further language localization capabilities are available through local partners.



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